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Socks in balance
iZ Sock is socks in balance. That means that you as a consumer can always be sure of a good quality, where the objective is to reach the ideal sock with a balance between durability and comfort.

Socks are the world's most boring product
- but it is a product that has a huge impact on how you feel.

Too warm or cold feet at work can be of great importance for your level of effort. Too cold or warm feet can ruin a good day out in the nature or a cozy evening with the friends.

iZ Sock takes your socks serious, even if socks are the world's most boring product or not.

Welcome to iZ Sock's official web store for United Emirates of Arabia.

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iZ sock - Bamboo sock

Bamboo socks, socks with unsurpassed comfort

There are many reasons for why we at iZ Sock has chosen to produce socks with a high content of bamboo. The paramount reason is that socks made from bamboo have an unsurpassed comfort. The comfort is found in the bamboo's soft fibers which almost feel like silk against the skin. There are also a series of properties which makes the socks comfortable to wear on your feet.

Keep your feet at a comfortable temperature
Bamboo fibers can absorb up to 50% more moisture than a classic cotton fiber. It is important for your comfort around your feet, especially in closed shoes. The ability to absorb the moisture means that the heat and moisture are transported away from your feet. In addition the socks have other obvious advantages; they maintain the color longer, they have a natural antibacterial property, and they are durable.

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Cotton socks of high quality

Cotton is not just cotton. There are many qualities when it comes to cotton and especially when it comes to cotton socks. And of course iZ Sock has a selection of cotton socks. The thing that characterises cotton socks from iZ Sock are that they are made with combed cotton.

Shorter fibers give a soft sock
Combed cotton is, as the name implies, cotton that has been combed. This process is a bit more expensive, but the result is a material which consists of cleaner cotton. In addition, the longer fibers are pulled out of the cotton and this result in a softer quality. You can feel the softer quality in the cotton socks from iZ Sock.

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iZ sock - Cotton - normal Black